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Other Events

Retrovision - Annual retro gaming event in Oxford

Eurocon - Eurocon is an annnual event for classic gaming fans from around Europe which has been running since 1999. Previous events have been held in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and England.

Retro Rewind - Retro Rewind is a primarily Retro-based games event, running over two days.

R3play - Large event to be held in Blackpool.


Retro Gamer - Forum for Retro Gamer magazine.

Jamma+ - Arcade video game collectors forum

Stairway To Hell - Acorn forum.

Atari Age - Atari forum.

YakYak - Llamasoft baanter and moosings - It's like Deliverance with Sheep.


CGEU - The Computing & Gaming Events Union.

Retro Gaming Roundup - The Retro Gaming Roundup podcast.

CopperWasp - Sid designed the poster for the RCGF Charity event in July 2010.


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